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January 31st, 2006
Free music/event paper and escort numbers. Bot Berlin (5 comments)
This Thread Reserved For Hash Filled Sharkfish Rant Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (7)
muppet must be in really bad shape Ward Bush (4)
Hash sharkfish (25)
Google can do evil. So can Microsoft Rick Tang (6)
Would it be worth it sharkfish (9)
Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (6)
ectopia down? FullNameRequired (2)
Jumping The Shark AllanL5 (18)
iPod on USB 1.1... Kill me now. g (2)
what i don't like about reddit... John Haren (9)
Make yourself, South Park style Flasher T (2)
Google China doesn't block wrongly spelled word Rick Tang (2)
AD&D example (4)
Joel starts losing cred Backbiter (48)
CRM Suggestions? Ward Bush (9)
Going Postal Some Random Dude (7)
Yay for Woman's Rights! Egads (6)
Keyboard Shortcut issue? Jacob (6)
ORM - Single instances of Objects? Andrew Cherry (6)
Checking out female sexual offenders Sick vile bastard (6)
A start. Atleast it's a start. Vineet Reynolds (2)
I need some help with this line of code Vineet Reynolds (17)
It's my birthday. Aaron F Stanton (26)
Why do the Idol talent hunts look so artificial ? Vineet Reynolds (7)
One more.. 'Why I didn't think of this?' JD (14)
my worst programming job nathan (23)
I am become Vomit, Destroyer of Toilets muppet (17)
cartoon bankrupts company FullNameRequired (47)
more chris mckinstry FullNameRequired (3)
Useless fact Geert-Jan Thomas (11)
what will happend to mindpixel.com? hitchhiker (14)
SQL server humour. hitchhiker (8)
What Makes It Great? Cool Dad (6)
utterly beyond description FullNameRequired (1)
How hidden is this? Anon Forever (6)
I'm waiting Vineet Reynolds (3)
Least favorite places XYZZY (19)
The American Business; no money, no problem. Bot Berlin (3)
Is anyone else Simon Lucy (5)
January 30th, 2006
Here's the challenge... Philo (18)
Why are friends always the hardest to collect from? nathan (17)
The End Of Civilization As We Know It Is Nigh... FullNameRequired (21)
Help out projects or start your own? Bot Berlin (7)
JOS and multiple languages Philo (9)
Ever find out the superstar isn't? Philo (11)
Maybe some of you guys can help dd (27)
No RSS Feed? Some Random Dude (2)
Children are fun Rick Tang (21)
Obesity is caused by a virus sharkfish (23)
Is the apocolypse coming? Dennis Forbes (14)
Bloody Clients Phibian (3)
Anti Virus - white lists FullNameRequired (5)
Format strings Philo (7)
Tell me you like it; Tell me you like it Philo (7)
Windows Vists to *sell* anti-virus FullNameRequired (26)
You guys think this is funny? Mr. Powers (11)
Developer Tools Jeff Barton (28)
"Hello, this is the front desk" Philo (5)
Holy... I am Jack's gaping disconnect (7)
FullNameRequired is really Joel Spolsky! CynicallyYoursBeyotch (26)
I am jacks... muppet (5)
Flashback Philo (2)
Have you tried this? Vineet Reynolds (3)
If Stalin had been sane, we'd all be speaking russian... Philo (11)
[expletive deleted] DBA's Philo (13)
Can I get suff cheaper at dell? son of parnas (10)
RegExp hell... (Coding Challenge) Almost H. Anonymous (21)
Wait so.. the post secret guy has a book? muppet (11)
$36.1 Billion in Net Income... Jacob (20)
The guards in Bond movies Philo (4)
Is just me? Masiosare (18)
Have a mint. Vineet Reynolds (3)
AWESOME!! muppet (2)
Is Google's business model sound? Philo (21)
Another endorsement for Eve Online muppet (24)
I don't appreciate the sidebar link from anus to my blog muppet (9)
I bought the Muppet Show Season One yesterday muppet (6)
OK.. err.. what the fuck is this? muppet (5)
Oh come on tell me you've never wanted to do this muppet (24)
I'm 45 is that too old for this forum Middle Ages (24)
Confirmed bird flu case in Iraq muppet (1)
Sombrero Soft tutti frutti Simon Lucy (5)
Translation bullshit Flasher T (13)
Arctic Monkeys anon (2)
'Ready Reckoner' instead of 'insult codepage' FullNameRequired (4)
Small site update... Almost H. Anonymous (3)
Primer Notorious (1)
whats to big about Copilot? hitchhicker (6)
Hat-trick KayJay (15)
Dead Can Dance John Haren (0)
January 29th, 2006
AAAAAAAAaaa rrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnhhhh, HHHurrRRRRRRRRnhhhh. (3)
Greasemonkey script for Crazyontap Masiosare (10)
V8 only diet? Bot Berlin (1)
Shortcut Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
You're so cold, keep your hand in mine Philo (0)
Gonna kill the guy Philo (9)
DVR / Tivo / Windows Media Center Christopher Hester (6)
Internet Explorer Blah (3)
Tiny little SUV Ø (28)
ok, so it has a menstruating mary...but is it *art*? FullNameRequired (7)
new CoT etiquette page FullNameRequired (1)
So, Mat, now that you're single... John Haren (11)
Freaky Ian Boys (3)
This is the shiznits (Bittorrent II) (1)
new addition to the ready reckoner... FullNameRequired (2)
Nerds (not) dating Notorious (0)
I had a dream that (1)
Weary nation realizes what this forum won't xava! (20)
I'm confused now.. Vineet Reynolds (11)
DNS is STILL flaky for this site muppet (11)
WTF is up with Amazon? John Haren (10)
Munich Flasher T (13)
I dont know what to say about this Vineet Reynolds (2)
Bush Punishes the Disloyal son of parnas (5)
wikipedia is becoming a joke Vineet Reynolds (13)
Wordpress, Typepad or Blogger ? Vineet Reynolds (6)
Two questions Dumb and Dumberer (14)
interesting explanation for the wiretapping FullNameRequired (9)
Kung Hei Fat Choi! Rick Tang (9)
How to handle user verification plugh (8)
Nerd dating sharkfish (1)
Photo Gallery on side bar. hitchhiker (18)
January 28th, 2006
Feature request sharkfish (22)
Lazy Monday West Coast East Coast (3)
The myth about using 'the best tool for the job' in IT FullNameRequired (9)
html frames arg! (2)
What's your favorite bittorrent client? (28)
damn the topic search is fast in this forum FullNameRequired (9)
XPS/PDF/Postscript (Windows Vista) FullNameRequired (1)
Life-long discrimination XYZZY (4)
On Critics Philo (3)
Information Operations Roadmap <blink><marquee>banana.gif</blink></marquee> (3)
Young, free, and single... Mat Hall (8)
Going to the mall to pick up chicks. Bot Berlin (4)
Flat-spotted it a bit example (4)
Sidebar.... (5)
One does not simply... Flasher T (5)
Help with Frankenstein Flasher T (3)
Is it a bug just because it doesn't behave like JoS? (9)
Mentally Ill people are the most discriminated against Born Seeker (10)
Forum source code? Bored Bystander (3)
Best Blonde Joke Ever! Dennis Forbes (8)
Taxcut or Turbotax example (12)
Haha... Mat Hall (4)
Battlestar S2E14 (Spoilers) XYZZY (3)
Aeon Flux Philo (5)
Which one is the official replacement for ?off? Some Random Dude (12)
The insult codepage is up. Flasher T (2)
He could tell us, but then he would have to kill us. XYZZY (2)
Bias Phibian (8)
* tumbleweed * Non-zero (2)
a real mac fan FullNameRequired (4)
Ive just written an applescript... FullNameRequired (1)
im cool as ice because.... FullNameRequired (1)
January 27th, 2006
update on my ass John Haren (1)
Break yourselves, fools... John Haren (4)
I got yer dolls right here, yo John Haren (5)
roll on white new orleans.... FullNameRequired (4)
Cheap computer books LinuxOrBust (7)
Opensource C Hacker versus the Wallstreet Programmer Bot Berlin (10)
Wesner Moise speaks about Chris example (5)
Three Days plugh (3)
Colbert Report, The Dennis Forbes (5)
Does Joel on Software really mean... LinuxOrBust (11)
This suprised me... muffin (1)
PussyCat Dolls sharkfish (34)
Yup. I'm a genius plugh (2)
Are you over sexed? Bot Berlin (6)
Jennifer Love Hewitts Philo (4)
Hey muppet, is this on your wish list? plugh (7)
A challenge... ? (3)
AA, add some links Bot Berlin (12)
This site has DESTROYED my productivity! Almost H. Anonymous (9)
Allright AA, I'm determined to learn your database objects muppet (3)
"The Constitution does not guarantee the right to travel by... Almost H. Anonymous (7)
ok some remarks on the CoT schema muppet (21)
Feature wishlist Ian Boys (12)
This is weird g (2)
Won't have time to work on the forum code tonight muppet (35)
Okay, Indians BigJigger (20)
Camel was... Name withheld but obvious (4)
Awkward silence smiles politely (12)
So did all y'all... John Haren (5)
Agile is dead! JD (2)
How much time would it take to write an essay like this? Vineet Reynolds (2)
What's up with Amazon.com? Practical Geezer (2)
I would like these to be enlarged Vineet Reynolds (1)
Error: Expected end of value for property but found '10'. muppet (11)
2checkout.com is fucking nuts. Almost H. Anonymous (1)
Anyone else experiencing... Mat Hall (12)
What's wrong now? Vineet Reynolds (5)
What next? Vineet Reynolds (16)
Cuffs (9)
Albert is awesome Blah (2)
RTFM Vineet Reynolds (5)
SourceForge? Almost H. Anonymous (31)
Speaking of Javascript.... Jacob (52)
So, um...did we... Blah (3)
From profquotes.com muppet (1)
optional arguments to a function in javascript muppet (4)
I don't know if anyone follows Achewood... sixtyten (6)
Question for the Brits Dennis Forbes (27)
I'm still madly in love with XUL muppet (9)
MarkTAW, drop me an email (nt) KC (21)
I misread the headline "Funeral Plans Erase Adoption Hopes" muppet (3)
I misread the headline whale dies in Thames ousa (19)
Flasher's Guide to Driving Flasher T (3)
I misread the headline "Hama faces challenge" ... ousa (5)
Nothing like a beer after a workout. KayJay (6)
hehe muppet (11)
Where is the "Older Topics" button? Harm Reduction (2)
An important thread lost with the archives... Flasher T (6)
Czech is snowed in. Flasher T (11)
There seems to be a little bounce in Joel's step muppet (11)
It was Flasher's fault muppet (2)
Error: Can't connect to repository muppet (12)
Star Trek transporters Philo (17)
No fair opening up the code in the middle of the night muppet (10)
About the timestamp Geert-Jan Thomas (16)
On Baby Watch FullNameRequired (15)
Some sort of Unicode problem? Mat Hall (10)
Ability to post as another person FullNameRequired (15)
House Rules übermod (13)
Joel rips off Art Lebedev Flasher T (16)
Potential for mischief Flasher T (2)
JOS and 30 Languages! pradeep_tp (8)
The code is FREE... Almost H. Anonymous (19)
gmail bit slow ? anon (2)
Crazy On Tap green checkie? Senthilnathan N.S. (16)
Oprah sharkfish (7)
style sheet. dammit why do users think programming = web design? sharkfish (29)
January 26th, 2006
Peak Oil - Plans Flowers for Algernon (15)
moderation FullNameRequired (33)
well it was nice for one day, anyway muppet (8)
Alternative "democracratic" moderation methods. Tyranny of the Majority (26)
wait! dont delete it yet! FullNameRequired (10)
OK so in the past couple months I have learned muppet (20)
So far this week... Phibian (14)
FAG? plugh (2)
FAQ? g (29)
Chris Cron Job Berlin Brown (46)
Id like to suggest we ban...bionicroach FullNameRequired (6)
Is it just me Aaron F Stanton (11)
Phil? Jim Rankin? hoser? anon (7)
Oh hey, thanks for the time stamps! Philo (1)
The real reason why Ford is stopping minivan production example (6)
I just smashed my thumb between two bits of firewood muppet (10)
Anonymous posts show up with a"0" in the name field. (5)
what was the name of mats other half? FullNameRequired (14)
so...BigJiggler... FullNameRequired (39)
Speaking of psychopaths a2800276 (59)
This site is utterly trashed from my Mac muppet (5)
"Your boobs are about to get in your food" Philo (32)
Don't criticize Joel's ideas Ian Boys (44)
Looks like COT wins the ?Off replacement awards Planet Funk (3)
Goals I am Jack's galvanized goal (4)
who invented the internet? FullNameRequired (16)
Your man's sister I am Jack's lintball'o'love (12)
"Crossing the line" AllanL5 (15)
what about bored bystander? FullNameRequired (15)
So Aaron... FullNameRequired (2)
I found "I am Jack's..." muppet (16)
Mark "TA" Philo (23)
What a brainwave Vineet Reynolds (1)
70 Posts The Notorious T.A.W. (14)
This man doesnt trust Bush Vineet Reynolds (3)
The Real McKinstry Flasher T (21)
Response from Joel about ?off data Kevin (4)
Dana - Meet Sharkfish,  Sharkfish - Dana FullNameRequired (46)
If only I were a more motivated sarcastic Blah (1)
I just wanna say thanks for this site... Kenny (4)
So we're psychopaths now? Dana (15)
On transferring the database Blah (12)
Here's how i want to quit bionicroach (4)
Internet serves as social glue example (2)
Serious Games sharkfish (5)
When does Mark Warner sleep? Vineet Reynolds (9)
Reply to this thread just once. Masiosare (38)
You know, Gary from the Howard Stern show gets appearances and Jesus on a Pogostick (0)
Wow, man.  The ten of us really post a great deal. Jesus on a Pogostick (34)
DoubleThink DoubleThink Jesus on a Pogostick (12)
I think we must celebrate (or maybe not) Vineet Reynolds (5)
Someone at Amazon needs to get a clue (or maybe not) Jesus on a Pogostick (23)
Why must I get only creepy, male stalkers? Jesus on a Pogostick (14)
Nursery Rhymes KayJay (6)
Who the fuck turns their phone off anyways? sistyten (22)
It's really interesting to me (but no one else I'm sure) Jesus on a Pogostick (22)
The "speed of development" thread mentioning CoT is gone Jesus on a Pogostick (16)
How anarchy triumphs over oligarchy Simon Lucy (22)
I don't get it KayJay Jesus on a Pogostick (5)
. Vineet Reynolds (2)
To all the muppet haters:  $2,250 Jesus on a Pogostick (17)
I'ma kinda freaked out... Mat Hall (3)
Perfect Jesus on a Pogostick (2)
Underage anal sex!!! . (5)
What we really need... Jeff Barton (4)
I need to state again, for the record Jesus on a Pogostick (4)
About this competition... jz (12)
Two Modest Proposals (we CAN do this now, right?) Mr. Powers (16)
Ignore This Thread ... PNII (23)
?joel is losing it's charm Vineet Reynolds (15)
Who's is the troll of the month ? Vineet Reynolds (4)
Where is the RSS? Masiosare (6)
Sathyaish Jesus on a Pogostick (8)
By the way, you sanctimonious British pricks Jesus on a Pogostick (2)
What really happened to JHC trollop (0)
Search not working KayJay (2)
It's worth every penny Nobody, I insist! (0)
The Wealth of Joel Spolsky PennyCounter (20)
fap fap fap Jesus on a Pogostick (3)
What's with the links on the sidebar? KayJay (3)
Cheddar Gorge Aaron F Stanton (21)
Also Jesus on a Pogostick (1)
The top item should say "comments" next to the reply count muppet (6)
SkinBag Flasher T (6)
Who are you? Flasher T (3)
Darby Conley reads ?off/Crazy muppet (5)
Welcome back Cott... err.. AARON muppet (10)
America On-Line (Collections?) muppet (14)
Absurdist Thursday KayJay (4)
Use it or lose it, you quiet fuckers muppet (29)
"The US didn't invent the internet" Philo (8)
Chris McKinstry: setting the record straight Dr. Rich Wallace (17)
When do you people sleep?!? Almost H. Anonymous (13)
Site update... Almost H. Anonymous (8)
Something tells me that really long titles don't wrap and will.. just go across the screen into infinity widening the page foreve (7)
I hate to say it, but Simon has a point muppet (31)
I'm influential. Heh. Mr. T (0)
Reddit Mr. T (13)
Does anyone elses back button... Practical Geezer (3)
ripping soundtrack from dvd/vcd movie? gundala (1)
Hamas won anon (6)
seems odd not having markTaw hovering FullNameRequired (16)
Archive Panzy Prissy Pants (3)
Is this JOS post from one of us? Ward Bush (4)
I'm speechless sharkfish (7)
January 25th, 2006
CoffeeGeek.com Regular Camo (5)
LOL - Cheerfully way to a come back. (0)
bayesian filters & multiple accounts FullNameRequired (9)
Greasemonkey script to fix COT Header JD (3)
So what movie are we? Regular Going Camo (17)
Im still impressed at this forum being 3 hours of work FullNameRequired (14)
Annapolis Philo (7)
Firefox user help? Berlin Brown (7)
Woaa, ?off resurfaced Berlin Brown (6)
Time hack Philo (3)
FullNameRequired muppet (38)
One thing I worry about.. gundala (11)
And on a happier note... Planet Funk (5)
Joel Strikes Again Disenfranchised (48)
The elephant in the room muppet (18)
What is the english word for gundala (14)
The ?Lost... a cynic writes... (0)
Only Simon Lucy can use pejorative in a sentence while... Almost H. Anonymous (18)
yay! I have my slashdot link...now..where can we hide an ecto... FullNameRequired (1)
We Need a FogBuz License FullNameRequired (16)
AHA: I want a link to JOS discussions! Ward Bush (23)
Ectopia vs. Crazy On Tap MarkTAW (30)
Ectopia is so ugly... John Haren (32)
british have superior government FullNameRequired (6)
An RSS feed Mat Hall (4)
I preferred Ectopia Some Random Dude (20)
The offtopic archive: JD (13)
Pssst, wanna buy some whale vomit? Mat Hall (2)
The Ready Reckoner... a cynic writes... (14)
Is anyone else reading the sidebar as MarkTAW (0)
Mouldy site? Simon Lucy (35)
Meanwhile, over on JOS... Ward Bush (6)
Where's the source for COT? Bored Bystander (0)
More COT questions... Mat Hall (14)
Hey, are people clearing cookies? AllanL5 (5)
Explaining Joel (takes a dig) Vineet Reynolds (0)
damn, just a few more posts and Ill pwn this entire forum FullNameRequired (0)
I am *seriously* interested in getting the archives FullNameRequired (18)
This ones for Allan FullNameRequired (7)
This is my thread Jesus H Christ (19)
RSS feed read-only mode disabled (5)
we need a link... Jesus H Christ (2)
army in decline Jesus H Christ (4)
Slightly weedy tune... Mat Hall (3)
I dont like this. Vineet Reynolds (4)
For anyone else does... Almost H. Anonymous (5)
Anyone (other than muppet) want to request the old ?off... Almost H. Anonymous (18)
What Open Source License to use for COT? Almost H. Anonymous (11)
Registering more domains KayJay (11)
For some reason crazyontap.com just stopped working from here muppet (2)
You, Ectopia.  Fight to the death! Michael B (9)
Ok...  somebody is screwing with the code for this site! Almost H. Anonymous (7)
OK who broke the CSS? muppet (30)
Back'n'forth to posting page doesn't preserve contents... Almost H. Anonymous (8)
I'm getting a ton of hits on Whispers in the Dark from muppet (3)
Where is Siegfried? John Haren (1)
Where is sathy!! pradeep_tp (4)
So, this is just a test? a2800276 (9)
rel=nofollow Blah (7)
Need to fix the home link Philo (5)
Muppet: Now Exclusively on Siriu... err.. Crazy on Tap muppet (5)
testing muppet (2)
Summoning Dan Denman John Haren (3)
I propose that instead of green checkies muppet (16)
suh-weeeeet John Haren (0)
CrazyOnTap.com Jeff Barton (4)
Joel's message about ?off (27)
Nominiate Sidebar Changers Here: The OP (6)
So, I nominate myself head moderator muppet (20)
Props to AHA! Mat Hall (8)
Bugs..  argg... Almost H. Anonymous (6)
THESE PIPES.... ARE CLEAN!!! muppet (1)
Green checkies for everyone! (0)
AA, is this PHP on the backend? muppet (4)
Links don't go 'read' properly, as advertised muppet (16)
Good job, AHA KayJay (1)
So where's the host? muppet (1)
I like it muppet (5)
Does anyone here own the domain? Flasher T (2)
Nice try but a bit empty isn't it? (0)
mmmmmm Jesus H Christ (0)
KISS factor - nice! pradeep_tp (5)
This is cool (2)
Welcome to Crazy on Tap Almost H. Anonymous (16)
January 24th, 2006
bye everyone Jesus H Christ (11)
Does anyone have a plan about moving? sharkfish (15)
This forum will close permanently at 6:00 PM New York Time. Joel Spolsky (16)
"This forum will close permanently at 6:00 PM New York Time." Mat Hall (3)
For JHC and Phil Rick Tang (0)
Getting the same email every freakin minute Derek (1)
My medication is keeping me awake at night Mark Warner (11)
McKinstry Update Pt II Dennis Forbes (35)
Is Joel Aware Jeff Barton (20)
How to be my boss (and ruin yourself) Vineet Reynolds (0)
Do-not-call registry and AOL Mark Warner (9)
I'm Mark too Goddamnit. MarkTAW (27)
Disney takeover of Pixar Phil (6)
quotes from a former annoying co-worker Death Cab for Sisa (12)
Nobody knows... Al (0)
Here is a bunny stealing a cookie Mark Warner (7)
Doesn't this guy know this stuff belongs in ?off Kasey (56)
Exhaust manifolds are hot Mark Warner (12)
Congress enriching nursing home owners Philo (6)
Chris McKinstry update example (72)
WTF? MarkTAW (7)
Ya-Ouch! Vineet Reynolds (1)
I've bought a car. Flasher T (3)
Estimated Fiscal Exposures (11)
If MarkTAW & I roomed together Philo (1)
Well, it's finally happened. MarkTAW (2)
January 23rd, 2006
panic attacks? hello (14)
What is the status? Not Berlin (3)
Asshole Drivers MarkTAW (26)
no cuts to medicare Jesus H Christ (17)
Primer - All good software movies combined into one Not Berlin (7)
Chris McKinstry MarkTAW (37)
Alien Loves Predator Some Random Dude (2)
Jesus in advertising sharkfish (3)
Dealing with the boss anon for this (25)
Go, Bryant, Go! Rick Tang (2)
How did you get here? Philo (29)
Sumerian fan-fiction sharkfish (2)
What's it like in Denver? Mat Hall (21)
Abramoff? what Abramoff? Jesus H Christ (3)
Concerts you wish you'd gone to example (26)
Midichlorians ruined my movies... George Lucas (5)
mitochondria is ruining my relationship. Kansas School Board (1)
The perfect troll... watch Cory R. King (15)
Deeply Disturbing Dennis Forbes (30)
The Neverending Story Phil (26)
Word autoformatting - gah! Art Wilkins (11)
Gah! Need to focus. thinker (5)
Investing And INVESTools? Lost Soul In Utah (1)
How does insurance work? Phil (18)
Is this even rational? Vineet Reynolds (10)
maudlin sidebar xava! (0)
So this sucks... Phil (35)
I believe in free enterprise. I hate capitalism and... John Aitken (15)
Are there any decent drawing programs for the PC? MarkTAW (15)
10 differences between Joel & Paul Graham. Pradeep_TP (22)
Just saw Lord of War (potential spoilers for lots of movies too) MarkTAW (7)
so I think we've found the reason so many software projects fail Jesus H Christ (9)
Crash Different Cory Foy (5)
January 22nd, 2006
the anti-Trump or how to hire programmers sharkfish (8)
online forums, blogs, comments, etc. are destroying my brain. O_o (2)
Dateline NBC gets the Google/DOJ thing completely wrong Philo (12)
hypochondria is ruining my relationship. Louis Pasteur (10)
No military advisor on Commander in Chief Philo (7)
murderer set free. Jesus H Christ (1)
Stoooopid Question Sathyaish Chakravarthy (14)
Your Education? Kasey (23)
Bi-polar anon for this (41)
Strange coincidence Ian Boys (18)
a little nostalgia for you sharkfish (13)
The end of the Internet Vineet Reynolds (1)
JoS Meet Up Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
Dieting for software engineers Vineet Reynolds (36)
Truth in Advertising MarkTAW (13)
Chris McKinstry's Wishlist ... (7)
Stock thoughts Philo (24)
11 terrorists caught Jesus H Christ (23)
Why aren't you rich? Not Berlin (27)
January 21st, 2006
social life maintenance during a startup socks (10)
Galactica (Spoilers for 1/20) Philo (4)
Slippery slope, anyone? sharkfish (27)
The Office (US) Philo (1)
the trouble with non-anonymous posting is that... Jesus H Christ (22)
holy shit, Alice is *cool* Jesus H Christ (13)
Cross browser "compatability"! GRRR! Mat Hall (6)
consensual underage sex? Jesus H Christ (18)
Underworld: Evolution... son of parnas (1)
Chris must be looking over my shoulder from wherever he ended up Mat Hall (0)
Ready Kids? Let's get the terrorists! Cory Foy (0)
One good reason to hate horizontal scrolling Vineet Reynolds (6)
Netbeans 4.1 JavaGuy (2)
Phew! Vineet Reynolds (3)
McKinstry tracker? sharkfish (2)
Take a break ... PNII (6)
Robots are evil Cory Foy (2)
Now that's what I call interactive MarkTAW (1)
Firewall. New hacker flick? sharkfish (26)
BTW, Flight Plan... Philo (19)
January 20th, 2006
Ever feel like a number? Not Berlin (46)
"Why I am getting out of the Marines" sharkfish (9)
Osama tape sharkfish (9)
example, pull a muppet pseudo masochist (mobile-at the bar) (6)
Maybe 20/20 isn't so bad after all. MarkTAW (51)
sidebar! Jesus H Christ (1)
gay sperm unacceptable Jesus H Christ (10)
Life Rick Tang (4)
When being anonymous in cyberspace is a problem example (7)
Should you ever have the chance... I am Jack's fun Friday (8)
MSN/Yahoo Anthem I am Jack's fun Friday (9)
There is but one truly serious philosophical - suicide. Chris McKinstry (37)
So what does a web suicide note look like? Chris McKinstry (135)
In the year 3000 sharkfish (11)
Driving home drunk with a 6'8" tranny sharkfish (7)
Prison doesn't work Kenny (36)
Pay down the national debt? example (18)
Javascript/XML/DOM annoyances aside (learning pains), XUL rocks Generic Error (7)
Enron: The two smartest guys in the room Kenny (6)
Lights Out Phil (16)
Whale meat again Simon Lucy (8)
So here I am, it's 3:15am and I'm coding... Almost H. Anonymous (6)
Holy Jailbait Batman! Almost H. Anonymous (11)
What 'western' countries are not running a trade deficit? Jesus H Christ (16)
January 19th, 2006
Spam filters Misanthrope (15)
Collapse of the Dollar (or Oil by the Euro) Jesus H Christ (20)
Right, I'm sure it's about the porn (wow that was fast) MarkTAW (8)
GENIUS Mark Warner (28)
Need a good from the ground up tutorial for XML DOM with Mark Warner (5)
Genius customer support! Mat Hall (8)
kee-reist, our bathroom stinks Star Wars Kid (18)
imagine if Windows... Jesus H Christ (14)
The 60s had it all (8)
Oppressed women in muslim nations Philo (42)
New "bin Laden" tape (24)
"There are 550 million guns in the world" Philo (12)
Parental Denial Phil (9)
If it weren't so funny Phibian (1)
Right, I'm sure it's about porn Mark Warner (40)
The perfect Secret Santa gift. Flasher T (6)
sharkfish, diversity in corporate boardrooms Phil (14)
Do you support any strike or war with Iran? Mike (47)
Video games cut youth crime by half Colm (7)
Whatever happened to all the white dog poo? (10)
So on the Doctor Who DVDs... Ian Boys (5)
January 18th, 2006
Iran, nuclear war Mike (29)
Life needs entertainment! pradeep_tp (0)
another stupid question you can blame on my fever Mark Warner (8)
Business book recommendation? anon (2)
I am geek Jesus H Christ (9)
diy pong clock parts? duh. (5)
So they're not just a bunch of sozzled old duffers... Mat Hall (17)
Sanctity of Life Pseudo Masochist (4)
Understand me - Paul Graham at it again Lost in the jungle (28)
Mindless analysis of mundane facts (or apple fanboys are morons) Almost H. Anonymous (3)
I haven't heard back from the Trillian people. MarkTAW (1)
More flash junkies Vineet Reynolds (2)
PS, the courthouse in Judging Amy Mark Warner (0)
Why an early warning system is useless... Vineet Reynolds (6)
I'm being watched.... Vineet Reynolds (5)
Javascript - intercommunication between windows? Mark Warner (7)
Corporate Responsibility: diversity? sharkfish (57)
Same tired old arguments... Almost H. Anonymous (25)
reddit repost: Big foot Zoot (3)
this is what conservatives want to conserve son of parnas (64)
Don't read this post Pradeep_TP (7)
Who would buy this? Chooser (9)
Secret Santa thing received. Flasher T (6)
rand() always returns the same value Mr. Powers (3)
You can choose any color, as long as it's black. Sweet dreams are made of this! (5)
famous atheist Antony Flew learns pointers on his deathbed??? 2004 returns (4)
One more goddamned day... Philo (3)
I met Omarosa before she was Omarosa. or "Sam I fucking am." MarkTAW (12)
January 17th, 2006
Unprotected passwords in databases XYZZY (20)
burnout & depression Jesus H Christ (16)
Wacky conspiracy theories example (12)
my code looks so much cleaner than it did six months ago... Kenny (5)
zzyzx sharkfish (5)
Cunnilingus Horatio Fell (13)
I did something I've never done before today... Cory Foy (6)
I'm somewhat at a loss... Mat Hall (15)
There's a paralel community developing on ?joel Some Random Dude (13)
Aggressive Drivers B-Side (38)
The future of boundries... Chris McKinstry (5)
It's going to be Awesome MarkTAW (9)
Mouthy Parrot Funny Stuff (1)
Bloody Hell John Topley (9)
break up decision not a player. (19)
Just curious Dan (1)
So, Sathyaish Chalkyclammyfingers Generic Error (5)
Trillian Fucking Sucks. MarkTAW (14)
NUMBER ONE BABY!!! Generic Error (0)
Neat game Vineet Reynolds (14)
Ultimate Showdown Phil (14)
Now that's funny Generic Error (8)
advice? anon for this (30)
Not a force but a farce Vineet Reynolds (2)
How to win the Darwin awards.... Vineet Reynolds (0)
Sex is ok as long as you don't look at the naughty bits Generic Error (12)
Man jailed for failing to murder someone... a cynic writes... (8)
Web 2.0 Generic Error (3)
Help Zoot troll!! Zoot (12)
If you're going to be a whore Generic Error (19)
Mark Warner (I'll use his real name) is.... Vineet Reynolds (23)
Patriot Act at work V4GHB (9)
Bush and school kids Vineet Reynolds (1)
JoS Meetup boom (4)
Now that I've actually read that "Lazy Man" article Generic Error (29)
Revealing my dorkness Generic Error (19)
Succeed by redefining success as where you are now Generic Error (5)
Dennis Rodman Moo Pet (1)
paying for a house with cash. hi (31)
door county men's briefs. _ (2)
Worst job in the world? UhHuh? (11)
Clinton to head Microsoft? Bot Berlin (7)
Resistance is futile Geert-Jan Thomas (5)
IVR Cheat Sheet trollop (3)
Completely opensource on windows Bot Berlin (7)
January 16th, 2006
Columbia, MO Cory Foy (7)
Lazy Guy Again, now this is just getting old Not Berlin (48)
Why is "you're" so hard? the grammar police (16)
Goddamn ATI... Almost H. Anonymous (9)
Canadians, who are you voting for... Almost H. Anonymous (30)
Worst Movies by IMDB Not Berlin (7)
Al Gore says, "Folks, we've got a problem"... Misanthrope (13)
how we're all going to look like Erik Springelkamp (26)
world of webcams... Chris McKinstry (2)
Russian Climbing Masiosare (8)
Christian Al Qaeda Rick Tang (5)
No Haynes manual for 2005 Elantra Generic Error (12)
Geeks and LSD Chris McKinstry (40)
Why is there always at least one tard that ruins online forums? Bob (7)
I fucking hate EVITE bionicroach (20)
Butt ugly vampires continuing to breed in the UK Generic Error (11)
I don't know what this thing is Generic Error (16)
HUGE anti-Welsh conspiracy in England!! Generic Error (16)
The Tesseract Generic Error (5)
Brokeback Mountain sharkfish (20)
remembering segregation - why MLK day? son of parnas (9)
levees around the world sharkfish (17)
Give me one reason Vineet Reynolds (5)
Flash Junkies Dennis Forbes (14)
How to solicit an immediate reaction from coworkers Generic Error (5)
Jukebox webpage for intranet mp3 (4)
information influx BlueScreen (3)
Ah the wonders of home ownership Generic Error (19)
No wonder rebooting always works Generic Error (42)
Who are we going to send, the Coast Guard? Generic Error (13)
Well I never... Mat Hall (8)
Michael Moorcock emerges Simon Lucy (2)
Solving Problems using Boolean Algebra Carl Ameho (9)
Sharkfish, get your coworkers to post here. Phil (16)
January 15th, 2006
Religions: Framework vs. Library Just Thinking... (5)
How do you raise your children when they're < 1 yr old? New Father (19)
hugging while sleeping Kungfu (4)
ethical relativism Jesus H Christ (19)
Windows deliberate backdoor? Jesus H Christ (8)
The Tenth Crusade sharkfish (27)
Hikikomori sharkfish (14)
blowing up innocents. oops. Jesus H Christ (28)
4 Brothers sharkfish (17)
No Crazy Asian Lady today Mark Warner (8)
04:29 Wake Up Call PNII (4)
Ethics vs. Morals Philo (38)
House, MD Philo (19)
When accused of fraud Simon Lucy (19)
Married and two beds Not Berlin (18)
January 14th, 2006
Software Development Related Movies & Documentaries Warner Needs A Thorough Butt Spanking (14)
Legal question BBAG (12)
Office talk sharkfish (55)
Quote of the Century Mark Warner (14)
I've lost the link Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Cripes! Sathy (13)
Wasted research money example (6)
Working in the Persian Gulf Dennis Forbes (15)
Blog posts on ?off K (7)
So who here has.... Jesus H Christ (9)
I'm back MarkTAW (7)
January 13th, 2006
Sophisticated Britons 2 cents (9)
Old news but... Andy (5)
You're ALL Fired! PNII (9)
Your search runs on these machines Vineet Reynolds (1)
Today, I walked out of a meeting Erik Springelkamp (14)
RegExp insanity Generic Error (26)
OK. The banker called. It's credited. 25% KayJay (9)
An Interesting Prediction Photo... Chris McKinstry (1)
Steep Slopes and retaining walls Sassy (10)
New on the Chris McKinstry show Generic Error (23)
deviance from social norms can be an early indicator of terroris son of parnas (28)
I'm probably about to be banned from the Internet Writer's Mark Warner (32)
Generic Errors Suck MarkTAW (42)
whoops. I did it again. Britney Spears (3)
whoops. I won the lottery Mark Warner (6)
Dennis vis-&#224;-vis Calvin KayJay (28)
Dr Who goes to the US ... cultural issues Chooser (22)
whoops. I had sex with a virgin. 8888 (19)
January 12th, 2006
Starbucks poll Philo (30)
acceptable 'abatement' of a public nuisance MarkTAW (7)
Pilgrimage: Video clip Tank (4)
asperger's is bullshit. _ (9)
what's up with haters? is this normal? _ (16)
sprintf question Mark Warner (4)
Habeas corpus (refrain) trollop (3)
Dennis makes it on reddit Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Florescent Green Pigs GML (7)
My web host sucks... bionicroach (8)
Funny stuff Mark Warner (2)
remember when america wanted a constitutional government? son of parnas (19)
Outsource your life to Bangalore ShyK (2)
OK here's a stupid question (XML/DOM/XMLHttpRequest) Mark Warner (5)
Fun with computer hardware What is .NET? (2)
"...I was lying in a state of after-lunch torpor..." a cynic writes... (22)
LMFAO Mark Warner (30)
The "X-Ray" extension for Firefox is pretty darned cool. Mark Warner (10)
January 11th, 2006
Holy shit I love XUL Mark Warner (24)
u figure out how to tape stern yet? MarkTAW (7)
1 week without google (and other inanities) Jesus H Christ (36)
I love Perfect Hair Forever Mark Warner (2)
consumer electronics = special olympics Eric Debois (16)
Alito, what *should* be asked Jesus H Christ (23)
Har har, I've decided to name my wife's menstrual cycle... Star Wars Kid (6)
Green Checkie Sale Sathyaish Chakravarthy (38)
Want to hit the reset button Used to be a semi-regular (12)
Statistics book recommendation Adam Jr Kishlovsky (3)
It's raining again Me (0)
Troll of the Month Strikes again. Phil (10)
Whatever that means (7)
Affluent Beggars Phil (39)
Apple. who cares which chip? sharkfish (24)
Must be able to give a good, clean blowjob with a smile Mark Warner (12)
Stupid Javascript tricks Mark Warner (7)
External javascript not "aware" of the DOM of parent document? Mark Warner (17)
Two high school pranks. Vineet Reynolds (18)
Official Nerd Test (strictly for those who havent done it) Vineet Reynolds (20)
Java is bad for teaching. But Superx++ is !! Not Joel (6)
Validity of Westphalia KayJay (19)
What happened to Muppet? Looking for Muppet (21)
Someone's more of a whore than Philo MarkTAW (2)
OK this whole leaving my Sirius radio in the car thing Mark Warner (9)
LOC as a productivity measure. Chooser (8)
Appropriate stock price Ward Bush (0)
Okay, I'm going to join in the girlfriend bitchfest Philo (7)
Recommendations for bath robes Cory Foy (18)
January 10th, 2006
yet another crazy girlfriend question. o_O (18)
Nominate best derivative Joel Graham bloggers... Tammi (17)
sharkfish working with Joel... Bwahahahaha (28)
all-powerful president Jesus H Christ (28)
Just 'cause everyone else does it... Mat Hall (42)
Welcome to the nanny state... Kyralessa (14)
"I'd rather my son take a more proactive, less habitual drug.... MarkTAW (27)
QuickTime goes mental, gives me Pro version for nothing... Mat Hall (7)
Bummer... no names, no pack drill (6)
Sidebar Eddie's friend (3)
Troll Spolsky? Star Wars Kid (14)
Good book on 8086 Intel ASM !Collegiate (6)
and *thats* how apple avoided the dropoff in sales... Jesus H Christ (4)
Too late for Christmas, but... Misanthrope (1)
When men were real men Ward Bush (6)
Excuse me, Miss? Mark Warner (5)
It's too simple to be awarded full marks. Expand it Vineet Reynolds (12)
Chuck Norris thanks you. Phil (9)
You'll never make it as a journalist, Flasher Mark Warner (11)
What a bunch of sad fucking sacks you all are today Mark Warner (4)
I hearby declare... Dan (5)
by the by, Cory Santa Claus (8)
I hereby declare Tuesday to be Cory Foy (8)
You all suck Mark Warner (54)
I hereby declare Wednesday... a cynic writes... (2)
I hereby declare Tuesday to be Flasher T (2)
I hereby declare Tuesday to be Joel Spolsky (0)
I hereby declare Tuesday to be Almost H. Anonymous (0)
I hereby declare Tuesday to be MarkTAW (5)
I hereby declare Tuesday to be Philo (0)
We're sorry... MarkTAW (7)
January 9th, 2006
About Joel's advice LinuxOrBust (22)
Rob from the rich... Phil (1)
bah, such an obvious bloody troll.. Jesus H Christ (3)
zombies responsible for police violence against gamers. Jesus H Christ (2)
Did Aaron Stanton... Jesus H Christ (5)
I hereby declare Tuesday to be MarkTAW (5)
Remove "Offline Files" when the server is no longer available? Mark Warner (4)
Starting sunday morning, I'm going back to BORDERS to write Mark Warner (29)
Something got onto my Plexiglass-covered monitor that ETCHED Mark Warner (22)
no link to ?off anywhere Jesus H Christ (32)
Time to clean out the closets! example (6)
Driving distance in California (11)
Wow, I guess I "am" different. LinuxOrBust (4)
Anyone in the UK watching... Mat Hall (19)
Keeping up on Memes Dennis Forbes (5)
Meditation Dennis Forbes (5)
I am special Rick Tang (18)
So I guess ?off will be closing soon, then? Mat Hall (51)
I hereby declare Tuesday to be "sign your name as Philo day" Mark Warner (18)
cliff notes not_enough_time (6)
Google Update: Crazy Asian Lady Mark Warner (7)
OK look at the photo in this article Mark Warner (78)
Chris your utopia has arrived... a cynic writes... (8)
Poor Boy George Mark Warner (5)
10 reasons Gay Marriage is wrong Flasher T (44)
Thank you for your interest in ExecuCorp's Helicopter Solutions Flasher T (4)
So, I like to start my posts with 'so,' you know me (19)
Electronic Paper Dennis Forbes (8)
Microsoft OneNote is fudging beautiful Mark Warner (16)
INETA Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Can someone please test this link for me? LinuxOrBust (7)
Google PC Part 800 Phil (31)
So, this site has been spamming the crap out of my blog lately Mark Warner (6)
Dan Bricklin Curious (3)
January 8th, 2006
mouse burns down house Jesus H Christ (18)
Ell reeght,I'm surry boot I'm thuruooghly uneempressed... Star Wars Kid (0)
All right I'm sorry but I'm thoroughly unimpressed with Sirius Mark Warner (11)
Trivia for 1-8 philo (0)
Pic for Flasher example (10)
OK so wait Mark Warner (16)
Anti Gravity Drive Erik Springelkamp (13)
Wizard Of Earthsea Jesus H Christ (7)
good Win32API book Omoti (4)
The Donnas sing about Joel's pointers argument Philo (0)
January 7th, 2006
Anyone here have Sirius? Mark Warner (7)
sharkfish Mark Warner (7)
Hype Phil (10)
Microsoft Web Professional conference Philo (2)
My Game Idea Planet Funk (23)
It's finally happening... Planet Funk (3)
Something to entertain Not Berlin Planet Funk (2)
I am bored... Not Berlin (16)
Secret Santa Notice Cory Foy (0)
I am *so* doing this when I die. MarkTAW (17)
Just got my ?off Secret Santa gift Ryan (2)
Are modern audiences more sophisticated? Philo (16)
Battlestar Galactica example (19)
Wakey, wakey... Earl (3)
Dennis is famous over in ?Joel MarkTAW (4)
Dear Philo Mark Warner (4)
stolen guns = dead people, but owner not culpable? Kenny (24)
Socialized medicine question Philo (22)
Google pre-loads the first hit? MarkTAW (18)
ex smokers. will the patch help? _ (9)
Did the tortoise really win the race against the hare? Misers don't go to heaven. (8)
January 6th, 2006
iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster Have fun (3)
OK to Cancel ratio ... PNII (9)
Right then... Mat Hall (16)
sharky, it'll be all your fault Philo (2)
For Mark Warner sharkfish (10)
droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooool...... Philo (10)
Should a man go to jail for 20 years for sharkfish (33)
How to sell your 'e'Products. JD (1)
Who is your favorite liberal? hoser (18)
Ha ha MarkTAW (4)
Ah, the cream of the internet, finding my site via msn search Mark Warner (5)
Holy Shit, Philo Mark Warner (26)
Can a bot search a site set up with HTACCESS username/password? Curious George (15)
Dean? Phil (13)
Toyota dust and pollen filter AC (20)
Did you make fun of them yet? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
Merry Christmas! Phil (0)
So Dennis Mark Warner (13)
"Hello, this is XBOX customer support... Mark Warner (14)
Terry Schiavo spawned a HUGE right-to-life debate and she was a Mark Warner (75)
C-Jump Flasher T (7)
January 5th, 2006
Infanticide rampant sharkfish (11)
The reason Democrats are nearly silent on Abramoff hoser (24)
THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!1!!! Philo (25)
Google PC part III Kasey (17)
Sorry, gotta say it, Sharepoint is crap Ian Boys (21)
Walmart "Recommendations" sharkfish (24)
Speak, The Voice (7)
Ariel Sharon 2 cents (23)
?off Secret Santa &#8212; &#8211; &#8212; (11)
industries the US government *doesn't* subsidize Jesus H Christ (53)
Why so much VB on MSDN? sharkfish (15)
Well I got my secret Santa Mark Warner (28)
I take it all back Star Wars Kid (1)
I found this mildly amusing sharkfish (10)
Am I dreaming or what? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
javascript and xml parsing Mark Warner (5)
%$^%&#38;# East coasters Star Wars Kid (4)
Kind of depressing article... sixtyten (31)
Two words to expunge from the English language Star Wars Kid (83)
I just slept for 16 hours Mark Warner (7)
Requirements review over and over and over.... Philo (13)
Incompetent customer service Dana (19)
How would socialism work in America? Phil (89)
Just needed to say Simon Lucy (12)
The incredible pace at which technology progresses... a2800276 (14)
Jesus was a pot head MarkTAW (6)
Today I Finally Figured Out How To Create... Punctuation Troll (1)
Madonna ,..., (23)
January 4th, 2006
Sappy Music in movies Kasey (8)
thats me! on the sidebar! I SAID THAT! Jesus H Christ (9)
Letterman to O'Reilly (56)
Hero sharkfish (2)
Troll Of The Month Awards MarkTAW (17)
Free booze makes homeless healthier Colm O'Connor (9)
Marktaw's crazy life Kasey (12)
I gotta get me one of these... Chris McKinstry (13)
Is JHC happy? AllanL5 (16)
Can you train yourself to nap? dave (4)
Google PC rehash Kasey (15)
Scandal! Kasey (59)
Taxes, savings and the labour market. Flasher T (97)
You have all lost my respect Mark Warner (16)
PERFECT!! Mark Warner (2)
So, is the release of the new WordPress 2.0 Mark Warner (1)
Are you American? el (13)
What would you personally do if food, shelter were a human right Tayssir John Gabbour (84)
War On Drugs (30)
January 3rd, 2006
I just made a protein shake. (10)
My plan for peace on earth Star Wars Kid (9)
What happened to the internet today? sharkfish (4)
Lost it.. Not Berlin (10)
Anyone running dual core? Philo (12)
anonymous email frustrated hubby (14)
Officer, I have a confession to make Mark Warner (3)
A lesson in worldy matters Racial_Reality (3)
Is It Bad That... "That's FTP... Like File Transfer Protocol" (1)
how much money do the news weatherman make? Philo's Favourite Fluffer (11)
Cunnilingus sharkfish (20)
OK so I've wired some wall-mount lights Mark Warner (15)
reddit.com , joel on software ?off with karma points Not Berlin (3)
Hey Philo - A sharepoint question Jeff Barton (2)
Starbuck - talk of the town (4)
What about the poor porn actors? Eric Debois (20)
Why did you choose your major? Philo (24)
Those goddamned pointers. (3)
Sharkfish - I'm just curious Mark Warner (12)
Which way -wise/ (8)
google PC Kasey (17)
Soda supercooling example (16)
ROFLMAO & ROFOOJ Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Robert "Sapolsky" Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
Computerworld's 2006 predictions example (19)
Huh? Andrew Sullivan math error? (6)
My 7-year old rocks Mark Warner (11)
Is this a funny joke? Eric Debois (19)
Leap Second screwed up GPS? Cory Foy (7)
Deals for MS shops Philo (0)
Off Secret Santa Anon Forever (8)
my girlfriend is doing cocaine. John DeLorean (73)
problem listening to music album anon (10)
January 2nd, 2006
what do you think of this job sharkfish (36)
soda MarkTAW (4)
Need suggestion for comics anon (6)
Sports cheater story sharkfish (4)
my grandma's name was Ruby sharkfish (8)
Beyond "Munich": The Ten Movies Steven Spielberg Has Yet To Make hateDoubleStandards (39)
Need a new wall calendar... bionicroach (21)
OSX dashboard widgets Mark Warner (6)
Why pay less? Dan (28)
fuck Dan (10)
McCain Amendment, Signed and Dismissed (4)
Google following in MS' footsteps? Philo (19)
Rollerbelle trollop (1)
we're all going to die. Jesus H Christ (8)
Que? Someone writes code on jos forum? Tayssir John Gabbour (9)
IRC is a different world. sharkfish (14)
What's so bad about Microsoft? sharkfish (23)
this really just happened to me. women are from mars, men are from venus... (16)
Pointers are difficult to explain if you have no idea what a... Jesus H Christ (1)
January 1st, 2006
I know you guys are out there furiously pressing reload. (22)
Internet is for p0rn. JD (3)
How many men and women in the US Army? (7)
doing better all the time (0)
Bill could do it Philo (22)
2005 Darwin Awards ActivelyDisengaged (2)
There really is a US "Brain Drain" sharkfish (24)
Unusual comic book covers. Flasher T (1)
Buying from Flea Markets FUNDS TERRORISM Cory Foy (24)
The year's off to a fine start... Flasher T (6)
Wonderful Lazy New Years... Almost H. Anonymous (1)
Don't you hate it when they really do have statistics... Almost H. Anonymous (10)
Happy new year, US style! Philo (10)